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Triathlon race - first time in Trakai


Triathlon started its history in Hawaii in 1978, and today it is one of the fastest growing sports  in the world. Triathlon combines three different events (swimming, cycling and running) and this summer it will be organized for the first time in Trakai.


Participants will have triple endurance test. First of all participants will have to swim 1.5 km, then to ride a bike 40 km, and the last task – to run 10 km, and as fast as it is possible to reach the finish line. All participants wishing to attend, are able now to complete the online registration and start preparing for the race.


A relay race – it is a new task for those who just want to have a good time or try their strength. If You gather a team of three, you will be able to share who will do the task and at the end a team will enjoy the victory.


As always  every participant who will reach the finish line will be awarded with Trakai triathlon medal.


The audience, teams or athlete's fans are invited to enjoy the beautiful nature of Trakai, the summer sun on the bank of lake Galve and to watch the competition. Who knows, maybe this year You will not participate, but next year You will be attracted to take part.


We look forward to seeing You on race day. JOIN US!

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