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Trakai triathlon 2014




„International marathon“ together with Trakai municipality on July 6th, 2014 will organise  "Trakai triathlon 2014“.



During the event, amateurs and professionals will be able to compete in these events:

TRIATHLON – pariticipants have to swim 1,5 km, ride a bike 40 km and run 10 km.

RELAY – 3 participants together in a team will have the ability to share the event: first one has to swim 1,5 km, second team member has to ride a bike 40 km and third one has to run 10 km.



Triathlon and team relay race start at 8:00 a.m. . Nearby Trakai Castle near starting line of rowing course.



You have to cross the finish line within 6 hours and not later.



1. This competition is open to everyone at least 18 years of age, who has completed membership card and checked their health and confirmed it with a signature. All participants are taking part in triathlons by free will, nobody is forcing them and they accept all the risk related with triathlon ( a variety of health problems, etc.). and undertakes that they will not be claiming against the organizers of the triathlon. Participants picking up their bib numbers, must present an identity document.

2. Every Trakai Triathlon participant by registering to the event agrees that event organizers may use all photo and video content made during the event for its marketing purposes.

3. A participant can only participate in one team and perform only one stage.

Each team member is being registred  separately, specifiyng his\her event and the team name.



1. You can register to any event only using Your name.  You are not allowed to give Your bib number to another participant. In this case, participants will be disqualified, and the results will not included in the official competition.

2.  All participants have to attach number by themselves.

4.  The competitors are not allowed to have any personal escort on the race course. Breaking this rule will disqualify the participant.

5. During the event, animals are not allowed on the race course .

6. Every triathlon participant must attach an electronic timing chip. Participants who have not attached or improperly attached an electronic timing chip will not have their time be recorded, and such participants will not be included in the events protocol.

7. Electronic chips are single use, so You do not have to return it to the organizers.

8.  Competitors are not allowed to deviate from the race course (without the permission of the judge). Participants who will break this rule will be disqualified.

9.  Any claims must be submitted in written form to the senior judge of this competition no later than 30 minutes after the end of the competition.



VII. Transit zone before the start

1. Only athletes with the bib numbers will be allowed to the transition area. Before entering the transition area judge will checks the helmet, a bicycle wheel and brake construction. If they are not in order participant is not allowed to enter the transition area.

2. The swimming equipment (glasses, caps, swimming suits) should be neatly placed to the inventory boxes placed by the organizers In the dressing area (desirable that boxes would be there). If the inventory is not put  into the box, after each intraction You will be punished -  Your time will be suspended for 15 seconds before the bike race.

3.  All the athletes must take care of the starting number attachment .


VIII. Swimming race

When competition is in the pool,  swimming costumes for women and men must match the international swimming federation rules (ISFR).


1.In opened water You are allowed to swim with a triathlon swimming costume for age groups athletes when water temperature is lower than 22 ° C. When  water temperature is higher people are allowed to swim only with triathlon contest suit (" body ").

2. When You swim in opened water, You cannot cross\overpass the rout marked by the organizators of this race. If You cross\overpass the rout, You will be  disqualified.


Transit area from swimming race to bicycle race



  1. When You run from the swimming finish place to the bicycle changing zone,  You are not allowed to drop swimming equipment (glasses, cap, swimming suit).  Each offense is punished by time suspension for 15 s before the bicycle race.
  2. Before touching the bike, the participant must wear a helmet.
  3. Start number must be put before the bicycle race. Before You start riding the bicycle - the start number must be on the back.
  4. You are able to sit on the bicycle only at the end of the line that marks tranzit zone.


1. All the participants can register on the website  untill July 4. On July 6th registration will be available in the race office near the start zone.

2. On the race day You will be able to collect your participant number in the race office  until 8:00 am.

3. Participant, who correctly  filled the registration form and payed the entrance fee will be included to the start protocol.



1. Triathlon‘s winners will be awarded with "Trakai Triathlon 2014“ medals and diplomas.

2.  All participants will have the opportunity to print the participant's diploma. Those who participated with the timing card, in diploma will habe written  the distance and the spent time.

3. The relay participants will be awarded with the remembrance gift, and participants also will have the opportunity to print the participant's diploma.


XII. Running race

1. The start number  must be in the front, you cannot run with a bicycle helmet or without shoes.

2.  To run side by side (or behind) is able  only one sex. Different sex members must keep the distance: 2 m from the side and 5 m on the back.

3. If You make first infraction You will be punished  by time suspension for  15s. If You make an infraction of the rules  for the  second time, You  will be disqualified.

4. If the participant will not change the number on the front, he must stop for 15 seconds and must change number position.

5.  The participants are  allowed to unfasten  the triathlon race suit, but not to take off clothing from the shoulder. For first infrakction the participant will be stopped for  15s, the second time the participant will be disqualified.

Disqualification is announced when the judge lifts  a red card.


XIII. Bicycle race

1. In all distances, which are not longer than Olympic distance, You are allowed to ride only with the „clip-on“  horns which are  affixed to the wheel of the bicycle

2. Bicycle wheel must have at least 16 spokes, no wider than 25 mm.

3.  If during the bicycle race the number is not on the back - the participant stops for 15 seconds and must put the number in correct place.

4. You have to ride a bicycle with a group of only one sex. If judges  see a ride of different sex together, the cyclist for the first time will be punished by time suspension for 15s (in the rout ir before the running race, the second time cyclist will be disqualified.

5. Different sex members must keep  distance 3 m from the side, 12 m on the back. This reorganisation must not be longer than 20s.

6. If a cyclist breaks the rules, he gets a 120s penalty. 

XIV. The transit zone from bicycle‘s race to running race

1. When You finish bicycle race, You  must dismount before a line of the transit zone.

2. You are able to unbuckle the safety helmet  only after placing the bike. If the bicycle is placed in a wrong location, or items are discarded around the bike - the competitor is punished by time suspension for 15 seconds before the running race,


XV. Organizes reserve the right to make changes to the rules.



Stovyklos dalyviui priklauso

- 2 naktų nakvynė trivietyje arba keturvietyje kambaryje pasirinktinai.

- Masažo procedūrą jūsų poilsiui ir atsistatymui po treniruočių.

- Treniruotes su 4 asmeniniais treneriais!

- Paskaitas sveikatingumo ir sveikos mitybos tema.

- Kūno analizės tyrimą.

- FMS - funkcinių judėjimo sistemų testą.

- Švarios mitybos kursus. Gausite priėjimą prie organizuojamų švarios mitybos kursų.

- Pilnapadystės testas.

- Sveikus pusryčius, pietus, vakariene ir užkandžius!

- Galimybę konsultuotis su mūsų trenerių, kineziterapautų komanda stovyklos metu ir po jos!

- Bendraminčių būrį, žaidimus, aktyvų laisvalaikį ir tiesiog gerą savaitgalį!